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An art film production by CREATIVEMEANING for the Australian artist Danius Kesminas with the support of International Art Space - a leading West Australian arts organisation
In late September our company was commissioned by The Factory of Art & Design of Copenhagen (Fabrikken) and International Art Space (IAS) to produce an undisclosed artwork by the Australian visual artist, Danius Kesminas. The artwork was a film production, inspired by EITHER/OR, one of the major works of the Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard.

The book published in 1843, "portrays two life views (...) the aesthetic life view is written in short essay form, with poetic imagery and allusions, discussing aesthetic topics such as music, seduction, drama, and beauty. The ethical life view is written as two long letters, with a more argumentative and restrained prose, discussing moral responsibility, critical reflection, and marriage" -Wikipedia.

In dialog with the artist, we decided to point out elements from Kierkegaard's existentialist thinking in a visually poetic approach and with Copenhagen as the point of departure.
Kierkegaard was known for his walking routes around Copenhagen and his love for the city.
The storyline was then based on Kierkegaard's reflective walks through the city of Copenhagen, strongly colored by his emotional contradictions. Centralised by the protagonist figure played by the artist (Kesminas) recreating Kierkegaard's character the storyline takes the viewer on a journey of reflection and dualities. Aesthetically the resulting film was thought as a graphic visual narrative in a noir comic book style.
Creativemeaning's production took barely a week due to time constraints, so we did the concept, storyline, storyboard, location scouting, executive production, filming, and editing almost simultaneously. The intensity of the production gave the creative process a strong focus. Cutting through ideas that were effective and daring. As well as tightening our project management process, coordination, and teamwork. And last but not least the beautiful camera work and editing by our partner Yoandry Gonzalez from YGcreativefilms.

The film was supported by International Art Space (IAS) and will, in the coming months, be released and exhibited in Australia, Indonesia, and Denmark. For release and exhibition dates or other information about the film, send us an email.
Neither / Nor

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