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Travel to Havana and get acquainted with the vibrant art scene of the city!

Art tours

We arrange visits to studios and workshops of leading and upcoming Cuban contemporary artists and exclusive new galleries

Art tours

For Art professionals, connoisseurs and collectors.
To understand the landscape of the art scene in Havana we believe it is important to visit and learn more about both established exhibition venues and museums such as El Centro de Desarrollo de las Artes Visuales (CDAV), El Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Wifredo Lam, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de La Habana, Casa de las Américas, Pabellón Cuba etc. as well as new venues including those that function differently, not necessarily following the established structures.
A unique opportunity to get acquainted the Art Scene in Havana
What to expect of our Art tours?
We are offering a 3 day program for groups of maximum 5 persons, during which we organize approximately 10 different visits where the group will be received by a carefully selected curator, organizer or a connoisseur with the relevant knowledge. The tour will thus not only consist of visiting but also meeting some of the key art professionals in Havana and obtain interesting information which will help contextualize and better understand this citiy's unique art scene.

The deadlines for booking the tours will be announced on late Dec 2017 for the tours in Feb, Mar and Apr 2018, since our groups are very small with only 5 participants, it is a good idea to book the tour as soon as possible.
Art tours practical info
The tour lasts 3 days
Every day we meet at 10.00 am and finish at 3pm.
The group
The group consists of only 5 participants (so there is a lot of time for questions and discussions based on individual interests)
The price is 220 € per person. (50% is paid in advance in connection with the registration and the other 50% is paid after the finished tour preferably in cash)
The price covers
  • 3 days guided tour with approximately 10 visits
  • The introduction by a professional host at each venue
  • Lunch during the 3 days (food and water/soft drinks) simple but nice food
  • Transportation in a car from venue to venue
  • Entrances for all museums and exhibition venues we will visit.
  • Translator during the 3 days (if needed)
We can provide accommodation in typical 'casas particulares',
If you thinking to create any kind of artistic production in cuba -talk to us, we can help!
Or if you wish to extend your stay in Cuba and visit places outside Havana, we can provide accommodations in other cities - Just Let us know in advance

Tijana Miskovic
Art tours organiser
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