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#Creativemeaning @ #danmarkslaeringsfestival

The launch of a new corporate Identity, Branding and stand design art direction for the company #hippomini @ #danmarkslaeringsfestival
Denmarks Learning Festival is an annual event for the education community. The Festival consists of an exhibition as well as a conference. The theme for the conference is "future skills" and focus on practical experiences, political initiatives, research results, and increased usage of IT in education.
Creativemeaning is in the Learning Festival by the hand of the company #hippomini from Copenhagen. Hippomini is a Danish reseller for educational technologies and in the last year have been developing educational methods for implementation of technologies as integral part of the current educational system. Helping students to become masters of the technological environment, and expand their possibilities for collaboration and creation.
The new #hippomini ID design
Creativemeaning took the assignment to recreate the corporate identity for Hippomini, the company expansion of its services and products have been the main focus of the new image. The project expanded to the implementation and presentation of the new image to new clients, educational organisations and new business partners in UK and Germany. The launch was also presented in the Danish Newspaper Jylland Posten.
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