written by abel alazo
The New Cuba
The new upcoming episode of the program 'Horizon' by Television channel Danmarks Radio News it was filmed in Cuba in collaboration with CREATIVEMEANING.NU
The last month we've been busy traveling in Cuba with the Danish Television crew in a unique quest. The quest to understand what is the reality of the new Cuban society and its people. The insertion of the internet in one of the most controlled societies in the world and how the new generations perceive their own role in the new Cuba.
Cuba will always be a controversial setting when talking about history, present, and future of Latinoamerica. But what is undeniable is that the Cuban Revolution and its leader Fidel Castro together with Che Guevara inspired in their time generations of freedom fighters around the world.

Though time has changed and younger generations of Cubans are not as linked with this revolutionary past. They aim for a new modern and connected Cuba with internet access and control over their own destiny.
This 'Horizon' episode is about the new generations, their dreams and expectations vs. the older generations and the recent insertion of the internet in the Cuban society. What are the new challenges for the totalitarian government to keep control over the masses? Are we talking of a *Cuban Spring*?

Instagram influencers, Youtubers, private businesses, Start ups all of those are the new breed in the Cuban Society. Opening the door to a new uncontrolled story telling on the realities of Cuba today!
CREATIVEMEANING was together with journalist Kristian Almblad from Danmarks Radio, researching and creating the storyline, set up interviews and visits as well as to coordinate the production in general, from journalist visas to transportation.
This project brought us surprising results: the stories, the people, their lifestyles are far from what anyone could expect from Cuba. For me especially so, the idea that Cuba never changes and they still ride those old American cars is only for nostalgia chasers.

Cuba is changing by the minute and, I feel is on its way to an unsuspected future. So get a pick once the program is ready! You will be surprised!

Feel free to check some of the pictures from the trip below.
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Leio
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Marion
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Shifaaz
Photo by Mike
Photo by Jason
Photo by Ed
Photo by David
Photo by Hal

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