Forms In Nature

Earlier this year Creativemeaning had the opportunity to work with Pio Diaz, an Argentinian artist based in Copenhagen.
For many years Pio has been an interesting and active figure in the Scandinavian art scene always challenging the borders of contemporary art and its connection to design, public space and architecture. One of his best known projects was the Coliseum On Fire - a big scale video installation with flames projected in the Colosseum in Rome, Italy, creating an illusion of the magnificent monument burning from inside out.

Another famous piece in his artistic production is Forms In Nature, a 3D printed light sculpture shaped as minimalistic branches that can turn any room into a mystic woodland. This artwork became very popular internationally and both private collectors and institutions showed interest in purchasing the chandelier.
Forms In Nature
Forms In Nature Chanderlier
Abel & Pio Diaz
Abel from Creativemeaning on the right together with Pio Diaz and his assistant Irene
Pio Diaz approached us with the request to develop a concept for an ecommerce site, where his customers could purchase the sculpture easier. In this connection he also needed a new thought-through marketing strategy which would increase the company's revenue.

developed a concrete solution for rebranding the company and implementing the online sales services on the new platform. We researched and targeted the most potential markets, which brought new clients to the company and a fresh start to Pio's brand. All together Pio's Forms In Nature acquired not only new market areas but also boosted the awareness on his artistic praxis.

The home page of Forms In Nature's online store
Forms In Nature's online store