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11 Easy Steps to Help you Start an Instagram Account

Instagram has 600 million monthly active users and 400 million daily active users. Moreover, 60% of Instagram users log in daily which makes it the second most used social media channel after Facebook. Users are engaging with brands 10 times more on Instagram than on Facebook.
Instagram is not very different from other social media channels. You start by creating an account and choosing a username. Remember that this is not a private account but professional, so use the name with which your audience recognizes you by.

When your Instagram account is ready
, you can easily use the Business Account feature, which Instagram offers. This will allow you to follow the activity and engagement on your account, so you will be able to see what is the type of content your followers are most interested in.
Create a calendar of your posts. Instagram is one of the social media channels where you should try to post every single day. Think about upcoming concerts or events you are participating and mark them in your calendar, so you will remember to take pictures and share them after.
Start by following people from your professional circle. Engage with them by commenting on their posts. By doing so, you will be able to create connections and their followers will notice you.
Marketing Strategist
Do not forget to use Instagram tagging feature when you are out meeting new people and posting the images on Instagram. It is a great way to gain more visibility.

Use the right hashtags, but try not using more than 10 per post you create. TagsForLikes is a website that shows you the most popular hashtags for the day and separates them by categories. However, use tags that go well with the picture you post.

Create random giveaways for your followers! It is good strategy to attract new followers. You can set a requirement for them to enter the event. For example, in order for them to enter the giveaway they should like your social media and share the giveaway picture. It is a win situation, they give you a like and you include them in your giveaway!

Do not write long text under your pictures, because it is very unlikely that people will read it, unless it is a Giveaway competition. If there is something really important you feel like sharing redirect them to your website blog, so they can read more about it there.

Share your Instagram account on the rest of your social media channels. It is a great way to increase your audience!

Think about the design of your photos. There are many inspirations you can find online. Many brands and famous artists use a theme when uploading their photos. For example, it might be a color scheme.

Use Instagram stories to share short videos from your day. They are live only for 24 hours and disappear from the News Feed after that.

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