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If you need to travel to Cuba to produce your next film, make a photoshoot or make you next event - we got your back!

Production coordination services

we provide production and coordination services for companies that need assistance producing media material in Cuba

Meet the people

We get you in contact with families and friends that will help you to connect to the environment, and will guide your steps through your visit avoiding unnecessary situations

Production coordinations

For production companies, individual producers and creators
Cuba is unique place with a unique history and culture. That's why to produce media material in Cuba can be an statement in itself. A statement of originality, joy, pride and sometimes an alternative reality to the modern world. Still...coordinate productions in Cuba can easily become a tricky process. That's when we can help! We have a curated network of producers, artists, filmmakers and photographers and a very solid communication with official organisations. If you need to coordinate a photoshoot, a film or promotional material -feel free to talk to us and we can guide you throughout the process.
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