A blog post about some of the websites, which Creativemeaning has desgined and created for musicians.
Creativemeaning designed and created Calixto Oviedo's website. Calixto is one of the best drummers in Latin jazz and modern Cuban music. The website represents the musician's recent projects and takes upon the role of a visit card for his professional career.

The modern design of the website communicates the artistic personality of Calixto Oviedo and provides an easy overview of his body of work. An overview of his career as a solo artist, educator and transformer of the sound of the modern Cuban music.

Creativemeaning has successfully participated and finalized another website for the Cuban singer and dancer Chino Pons. The singer grew up in an environment of traditional and Afro-Cuban music, among musicians and legendary dancers from 1940's and 1950's, who had a great influence on him and his music. He is also the founder of the record label Guanabacoa Records which website was also developed by our company.

His musical career started out his interest to create a new, more modern, sound while still maintaining many elements of the traditional Cuban music. For the website, we created a design that could capture his artistic persona, showmanship and the authenticity of his art and lifestyle. Chino Pons is one of New York's artistic gems, so we just followed that lead to reach our solution.
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