writen by abel alazo


Edith Tamayo is a is a well-known Mexican singer who is a very distinctive part of the music scene in Copenhagen. Her interpretations of traditional and original compositions of Latinoamerican music are exquisite and full of emotions.
This album includes only her new original compositions, with a strong insight into her past as an artist and her troubled hometown Sinaloa, Mexico.

The cover tries to reflect her personal journey. A reflection of herself as an artist then and now. Past and present, the loss and gains. Still, the focus of this album is on the things that are still part of her journey, those that are now part of her artistry today. Those are the ones she calls "Coincidences" in Spanish "Coincidencias"

The album design was created in collaboration with Creativemeaning's creative director Abel Alazo and talented artist, Aleksandra Kuczynska. Aleksandra hand drew the unique illustration that became the thread of the graphic concept.

By merging hand drawing and digital design, the cover design captures successfully the sound of the album, which carries a mixture of traditional, airy and colorful songs.
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