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Easy steps to understand how Patreon works!
Part 1

Patreon is the perfect place for creators to promote their ongoing creative projects!
About Patreon
This is a Part 1 out of 2 about Patreon essentials. If you have downloaded and read our Free Digital Marketing Guide, you should be already familiar with what Patreon is.

If you by any chance missed our Free Digital Marketing Guide, Patreon is a specially designed platform for artists or creators that allows them to receive payments from their audience. The platform is a home for thousands of artists and works as a place where they can showcase their work.

If we caught your interest then keep on reading!
Patreon Essentials
Creator Page
Your Creator Page will be your studio. This will be the place where you can share all of your creativity to the world. Before starting with setting it all up, you should think about your audience and what is that they would like to see from you the most. Make a calendar that will help you plan it better! Click here to start your Creator Page!
Launching Your Creator Page
When finished with setting up your Creator Page, it is important to think about how you can spread the word about it and start building a community of fans. If you are active on social media, this should be the place to start, but if you still do not use all of its benefits you should start. It will also be great for you to share it among your contacts and colleagues. Ask them to give a shout out for you and your new projects on Patreon! Do not get discouraged, if you do not reach a solid crazy amount of supporters at the beginning, but keep on promoting your page and introducing it to your fans.
Fans' Subscriptions to Patreon
Your fans can choose between two options when wanting to contribute to your page. One of them is by monthly subscription, which means that they will be charged a fixed amount every month. The other way is by paying per piece of content, meaning that every time you release a new song, they will for example be charged 2$, so if you release 3 songs a month you will receive an amount of 6$ per subscriber.
Paying Out Your Earrings
Patreon is very reliable when it comes to paying out the balance of your account. You can choose to pay it out manually, which will require you to go to the account every time so you can set up the amount you want to be åaid out to your bank account. The other way is to choose the monthly payouts where you will receive them on the every 5th of the month.
Accounts on Patreon that can inspire you
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An cappella singer, producer, and entrepreneur.
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Mika Doughty
Creating music.
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Creating anime/videogame and original music.
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