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Easy steps to understand how Patreon works!
Part 2

Patreon is the perfect place for creators to promote their ongoing creative projects!
About Patreon

So, not long ago we introduced you to the first part of the two blog posts about Patreon and how it can benefit you as an artist or musician. Just last week, we also posted the essentials of a video marketing strategy, which can help you if you are planning to use Patreon for sharing videos.

The first part of Patreon essentials introduced you to how you can build a Creator page, and this time we will continue with more tips on how to use the platform.
Patreon Essentials
Setting Up Milestones
Setting up milestones from the beginning of your Patreon activity is a great way to start. Here is the time where you should be creative, as well as think about what you want to achieve by sharing your projects. You can set up a goal on your earnings for buying new equipment or for starting that new project, that you just did not have the possibility to do in the past few months. Share the goals you reach with your followers, proving to them that their support is helping you to keep working on the things you love so much. If you want to thank them personally, it would be great to create a short video. They will definitely appreciate it (Patreon).
Create an Into Video to Your Creator Page
A picture is worth 1000 words somebody once said, but video is worth even more. Save the time to create an introductory video for your supporters on Patreon. It would be more interesting for them to see, than read and you can say much more with it. However, try keeping it short, more precisely around 1:30 to 2:00 minutes. If you are new in creating videos, write a script before recording, so you will not forget the most important things you want to say. Some of the essentials you need to present with your video is about how often you wil share content, what prices your followers should expect to pay, what vision you want to share with them on your Creator page, and do not forget to include the rewards they can recieve as being part of your family (Patreon).
Reward Your Patrons
It is important to think about the rewards you can give to your followers on Patreon. All creators on the platform offer rewards to their followers in some way or another. Patreon has a great short article with ideas about the different rewards you can offer. You can create a common chat, where they join the conversation and ask you questions. There are plenty of great services you can use for this, such as Hangouts and Slack. Another interesting reward would be to share a sneak peek of your next project or include them in the creation process. There are countless options here, so go crazy and customize your own rewards.
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