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After a great collaboration with Aleksandra Kuczynska, the artist behind the brand Rondo Concept, today we proudly released her new online concept store
Rondo Concept was created by the artist Aleksandra Kuczynska. Kuczynska's dedication to the craft of Glass Art has taken her to experiment with multiple disciplines. Craftsmanship is the starting point and conceptual engine of her artistic praxis. We took the task to create a website that could honor her talent; A site that both could work as her life work presentation and an online concept store.
"ANTONIETA" - One of Rondo Concept Jewellery pieces
We approached this project by hosting long conversations with the artist about the philosophy behind her work, understanding how her praxis today stays in line with her earlier creative processes and her cultural background, as well as her education. We later defined the art direction for the site in connection with its business goals, and finally, we determined the overall design direction and development process.

The site includes jewellery pieces, glass sculptures, and graphic art. Organized in collections, the site becomes a journey around Rondo Concept's universe. Every available piece is one of its kind. In our conceptualisation and design of the store, we thus set to support the uniqueness of the artworks.

We are very thrilled with the result. We have created a design that function as an elegant backdrop. A design that supports the beauty of Kuczynska's pieces while still focusing on the solid craftsmanship and authenticity in the working methods and materials she uses.

We completed also a PDF catalogue with Rondo Concept Jewellery pieces available to download here.

After the release of the website, we are set to continue our work with Rondo Concept on the digital marketing strategy and development. So expect more to come along from this collaboration between our companies!

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