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Service Design is all around us and has been here for a while. However it is only in the last few years that we meet the term more and more often.

The core of service design is to include the user during the creation process of a service or a product. When designing together with the users it is possible to minimize future financial risks before a solution reaches them. Any company can benefit from service design, no matter how big or small it is.

In Creativemeaning we help our clients implement service design it in their company's daily work.

We work with research methods in order to understand the users and their needs. Then we apply the collected data into a tailor made strategy for action and improvement.

The service design solutions are different from case to case.

One of our recent projects has been a case study in collaboration with a healthcare Danish company. The focus was to improve the end-of-life care of terminally ill patients. It has been essential for the process to include all the different actors throughout the whole process, which helped us discover that the problem was the lack of communication between the healthcare professionals and the patients. After localizing the problem we could start developing a strategy for a solution.

If you have any questions or wish to learn more about service design and discover how it can be useful for your company, please contact our Service Designer at: