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During this last year, CREATIVEMEANING.NU has been working closely with the company TEO international primarily in the interface design and branding of their newest software
Teo International (TEO A/S) is a Danish software development company that provides quality solutions for both the private and public sectors. Their core competencies revolve around the development of complex systems and mobile app solutions.

The new software released is called VIRTUAL WINDOW. What it does is to create windows of collaboration between remote offices. Meaning that is a software product is designed for human collaboration across distance. It runs on generally available consumer hardware to provide an Always-On video connection with built-in tools for nearness, knowledge work and privacy.
VIRTUAL WINDOW promotes natural and quick collaboration. It offers direct human communication strengthening both the personal togetherness in organisations and coherent company culture.

The first release of VIRTUAL WINDOW includes the interface design developed by CREATIVEMEANING in close collaboration with a team of engineers, programmers, and a psychologist from TEO. The software interface concept is to create a user-friendly and intuitive solution. We've been testing the usability of each new feature continuously and quickly implementing resulting solutions based on user interaction experiences and functionalities. The software has been version 1.0 already available, and you can request a demo version following this link.

We are pleased with the result of this collaboration with TEO international. We are expanding our companies partnership to new product development, design, branding, and marketing programs. Keep tuned for more!


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