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When light design and craftsmanship collide, then beautiful lights objects are born. One Example? SILENZIO
CREATIVEMEANING released its new web solution for the company TRAE & TRAE.
TRAE & TRAE is a brand new lightning design company from Denmark. Founded by the siblings Nadine and Alain Trae in 2017. Their lamps design creations are unique and sculptural. And they define their design philosophy as Designology.

Nadine explains: "Designology is the perception of life-enriching design and style. The style is different from person to person. Their home decoration and the way they carry themselves is their own Designology. Everything we create is our perception of what design and style should be. So the Trae Designology is Our Perception - Our Contribution - Our Designology."
Nadine and Alain Trae
We created the site design in close collaboration with Nadine Trae. She had a clear idea of how she wanted to represent her company. On the design, we wanted to focus on their passion for design, craftsmanship, and lifestyle. We accomplished also to showcase their new lamp named SILENZIO. A beautiful sculptural lamp 100% handmade and with a unique design.

The site is a starting point for a collaboration between our companies that will extend new creative solutions such as video production and digital marketing in the near future.

Visit the Trae & Trae for more information

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