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A beginner's guide to video marketing

In order for marketing strategies to live up to the fast changing digital world, they have shifted focus not once or twice. No matter how small or big your business is, you have to be aware of the newest marketing trends and if they are worth your investment. One of the areas that marketers invest the most in is video marketing.
Companies, artists, musicians, small businesses and many more are investing in high quality videos which are being shared daily. Social media platforms support videos which makes it even easier for companies to share the videos they produce and reach their followers. A great Facebook page that is solely based on video sharing is Tastemade. It is a food channel and their video strategy has helped them gain the impressive number of 24,564,152 followers.

If you are not yet convinced how important video marketing can be, HubSpot shares that 51.9% of marketers suggest that video marketing is the type of content with the highest Return Of Investment. Moreover, statistics show that social media and video sharing are closely connected. For example, Facebook users watch over 90 million hours of videos daily (TechCrunch, 2016).
If we have convinced you that video marketing is the area you should focus on, there are a few things you should consider.
As in every other blog post about digital marketing strategies, you should start with building a calendar. It is important to consider your time and mark the days where you can start creating videos. It is best to record a few short videos in advance, so you can use them when needed. It is also worth checking videos you might already have. If you are a musician who has video material, you can start with editing them.
Use diversity! In the beginning, it is great to introduce different kind of content with your videos. According to recent statistics, some of the most popular types of videos are about news, music or comedy (HubSpot, 2016). Remember that the most preferable length for a video shared on a social media channel is from 30 to 90 seconds.
It is important that you tell interesting stories through your videos, or focus on visuals. Make sure to present your work in an compelling way that your audience will appreciate. The first few seconds of a video are extremely important because this is where people watching will choose either to continue watching, or just to move on to the next video. In addition, the choice of thumbnail should not be underestimated, so choose a very good shot from your video which will be the first thing your audience notices (Buffer, 2017)
It is worth remembering to add a call to action in your videos. They can differ from following you on Twitter to asking for support on your latest projects. Place your call to actions in the middle of your video. Wistia uncovered that this is the time when your call to actions will have also the highest conversion rates.
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